Professional Skills Tests

Skills tests

Skills tests do more than remove doubts about a candidate’s competence. They give you an accurate reading of that candidate’s competence levels RIGHT NOW.

With results available immediately, skills tests cut through the grey areas of how much experience a candidate has acquired and how good it is — from the formal education of early years to more practical capabilities picked up in previous jobs.

Proof of competence

Such insight can make a crucial difference. Though they can be very sophisticated, many skills learnt on the job are more likely to be absorbed directly under battle conditions than through deliberate training — familiarity with databases for example, or online communication techniques. This applies particularly to computer literacy, where familiarity with word processing, spread-sheets and presentation packages is expected but seldom taught.

Which means that though you may require very definite skills for a particular job role, many candidates will lack credentials to demonstrate such capabilities. With no certificate or diploma, their CV or interview claims about competence can be wildly inaccurate.

Measured results

A single test however, gives an exact measure of where they are at the moment — uninfluenced by surroundings that may have inspired a more optimistic appraisal of themselves in previous employment.

Builds confidence

There is another plus — one that candidates will appreciate should they be fortunate enough to be appointed. Passing the test you require them to take provides them with proof of their capabilities — for their on-going CV, and more significantly to their fellow employees — the people on your own staff. YOU know they can do the job — and so do the TEAM MEMBERS who have to work with them — reassurance and a vote of confidence for the whole department involved.

There are over 500 skills tests in our repertoire — designed by professionals for professionals to prove that they are… professional!

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