Psychometric Tests - Measure The Candidate’s Strengths and Limitations

Psychometrics Assessment

Psychometric Assessments can be used in-house or for remote based testing and take about 10 minutes to complete.

Delivered via an online questionnaire, the assessments provide accurate evaluation of a candidate to a depth virtually impossible by interview alone.

Of particular value, psychometric assessment addresses many issues that are crucial to employing a new team member:

  • What are the candidate’s strengths and limitations?
  • Does your potential new manager have any people skills?
  • Can your sales candidate effectively close a deal?
  • Can your call centre candidate conduct meaningful conversations?

ClickATest can generate up to ten full work-themed psychometric reports on the candidate, depending on the area of business you feel is relevant.

Each one offers a unique insight into the behavioural patterns of your potential employee.

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