Custom Application

Time-saving shortcuts - your own dedicated tests

One easy setup does it all - Custom Application lets applicants self-select from pre-determined assessments on your own company site - as many as you like, as often as you like, whenever you like. All you do is relax.

How to use it

  • A recruitment agency might use a ClickATest account in order to evaluate every candidate against Personal Profile or relevant occupational skills tests.
  • An employer might include ClickATest assessments as an in-house facility, using the HTML code to generate a remote testing form complete with company ID on the company's own website.

Why it's so easy

No more logging into ClickATest every time you have a new candidate or need to assign tests. All you do is send a link and a password.

It's easy for candidates too - they just enter their details along with the password you sent, which captures them into your account. At the same time they are redirected to your predefined set of assessments and exactly the tests you wish them to take. Immediately after tests are complete results are sent to your email and made available at ClickATest as you've come to expect.

It's so effortless the only reason you might login to ClickATest again is to update your balance or assign a new and different set of tests. Candidate registration is out of your hands and reports arrive automatically in your email.

Action steps

  1. To enable this Custom Application, go to your Profile section and tick the checkbox next to its name. At the same time, specify a secret word to prevent unwanted access and upload your company logo.
  2. Next, go to the Custom Application section. A message will advise that you have not selected any tests yet. Click the link to be redirected to the tests page, where you can choose the ones you want. Press the "order" button.
  3. This brings you back to the Custom Application page. A preview of your form will list the tests you selected. To verify your form is correct simply enter one of your candidate's details and copy the secret code into the form. Make sure you have enough credits in your account, and you're ready to start testing.
  4. To place the form on your site, click the "get source" button, copy the HTML code and paste it into the appropriate place. If you choose to do this within a restricted area, you may decide to skip the secret word. Just tick "No secret word" and click on the "Get source" button again to update the code.
    WARNING: Do not place this form unprotected without a secret word anywhere in public access - your credit account could be hacked by unwanted test takers. We recommend you allow only those candidates you have authorised for testing to have admission to this form.
    You may generate as many forms as you need with different report sets. Just change the reports selection to obtain the new code.
  5. Once you have candidates for testing, redirect them to the forms on your site and allow access by either providing a secret word or using your site's regular security system.
  6. Once forms are submitted, your candidates are redirected to the site to start their assessments. Your company name and logo appear on this page, identifying he tests as "yours".
  7. Once tests are complete you will receive results by email as well as being able to access them through your ClickATest account.