Business advantages check list

Dependable Results

Fully automated and accessible online 24/7, all test results are:

  • Immediately available
  • Extensive in subject depth
  • Complete in chosen discipline
  • Reliable and stable technically
  • Operable by anyone
  • Reusable in future reviews

Proven Standards

  • Recognised by British Psychological Society
  • Certified to stringent ISO 9001:2000 specification
  • Fully up-to-date per current industry practices
  • Impartial evaluation by computer
  • Accurate snapshot vs. subjective opinion
  • Over 500 assessments set by leading authorities

Versatile Applications

  • Psychometric tests for personality and attitude
  • Skills tests for competence and capability
  • Insightful first-time recruitment screening
  • Perceptive on-going evaluation of existing staff
  • Always ready immediacy

Guess-Work Minimised

  • Qualities verified prior to interview
  • Capabilities proven when references are insufficient
  • Wrong hire risks identified
  • Hard proof to back competence claims
  • Independent information source

Ease of use

  • Always online 24/7
  • Uncomplicated security login
  • Intuitive presentation with clear instructions
  • Complete tracked history trail
  • Clear report management system

Extended Opportunities

  • Individual snapshot packages
  • Psychological insight
  • Industry specific solutions
  • Internationally accepted results