Candidates Skills and Abilities Tests

Choosing Accurately and Choosing Right

ClickATest’s online assessment centre provides extensive testing of your candidates’ skills and abilities, providing better insight into personality at the pre-hiring stage.

More than 500 skills and psychological tests that focus on candidates’ professional efficiency are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can use online assessments to test your candidates at the office during direct interview — or choose remote assessment of a candidate as a pre-interview test to avoid waste of time.

In not much more than a minute you can choose a candidate and identify assessments to verify the requirements for the position vacant.

Uncover psychological characteristics and get a better perspective of skills and abilities by choosing tests for your candidates or employees.

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Why ClickATest?

Using a variety of online tests enables you to:

  • Find the best candidate more easily than ever;
  • Identify individual assessments to meet your needs effortlessly;
  • Hire effectively with high predictability;
  • Improve employee management;
  • Launch actions to improve performance and measure the effect;
  • Make wiser decisions on the basis of trustworthy results.

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How do I analyse personality and psychological features?

Easily. You just need a minute to choose one of the ten full work-themed psychometric assessments that provides complete reports on the candidate, depending on the area of business. Extensive analysis offers a unique insight into the behavioural patterns of your potential employee.

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What kind of tests are available for skills and abilities evaluation?

Skills assessments include many different types of test designed to measure specific knowledge areas, skills, or abilities. Many are at degree level or beyond.

Recognised internationally, they are as stringent as any official qualification and in fact constitute a valuable demonstration of competence for the candidate. Though very focused and probing, with the proper skills, they can be completed comfortably in about one hour.

As an online resource, ClickATest skills tests do not distinguish one candidate’s competencies from another’s, producing reliable results with complete impartiality.

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