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J.D. Edwards OneWorld Report Design (ERW) Test

Our J.D. Edwards OneWorld (ERW) test measures your knowledge of the Enterprise Report Writer module. Designed for experienced report writers and designers, this test includes the following topics: Sections, Report Design Director, Modifying Reports, Headers/Footers, Setting up Business Views as Favorites, Joining Subsections, Versions, Event Rules, Submitting and Printing Reports, and Tabular Section.

Scope of the Online J.D. Edwards OneWorld Report Design (ERW) Test

Event Rules
Adding and Attaching Text Variables
Defining Event Rules
Understanding Header & Footer
Working with Level Break Header & Footer Sections
Joining Subsections
Creating/Modifying a Subsection Join
Joining Two Existing Detail Sections
Modifying Reports
Adding Object
Aligning Report Object
Disconnecting Text From a Variable in a Group Sect
Modifying Column Heading & Constant Properties
Modifying Run-Time Field Properties
Modifying Section Properties
Modifying Variables Properties
Working with Report Properties
Report Design Director
Creating Simple Reports
Select Business View for Detail Section
Report Design User Interface
Configuring Your Design Workspace
Previewing a Report
Define Data Seq/Sort/Selection
Select Business View and Columns
Working with Data Fields
Setting up Business Views as Favorites
Adding Business Views Favorites Folder
Creating Favorites
Submitting & Printing Reports
Specifying Overrides on the Version Prompting Form
Working with the Version Prompting Form
Tabular Section
Changing Row/Column Properties
Column Inclusion Event Rule
Creating Constants, Alpha, & Date variables
Drill Down Feature
Accessing the Work with Batch Versions Form
Characteristics of Batch Version
Checking Out or Checking in a Batch Version
Creating (Adding)/Copying Batch Version
Running a Batch Version
Working with Version Detail for Batch Versions


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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