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C# 5.0 Assessment Test

Our C# 5.0 test measures your knowledge of C# 5.0. It is designed for experienced programmers, but an average performer in this role should pass this test. This test includes the following topics: Arrays and Collections, Class Members, Delegates and Events, Exception Handling, Expressions, Flow of Control, Generics, Reference and Value Types, Resources and COM.

Scope of the C# 5.0 Assessment Test

Arrays and Collections
Array and Collection Usage
Collection Initializers
Iterators and Enumerators
Class Members
Properties and Indexers
Readonly and Constant Fields
Static/Instance Members
Delegates and Events
Action and Func
Anonymous Functions
Asynchronous Processing
Event Creation and Usage
Exception Handling
Custom Exceptions
Exception Handling
Rethrowing Exceptions
Expression Trees
Lambda Expressions
Query Expressions
Flow of control
Iteration Statements
Jump Statements
Selection Statements
Generic Collections
Reference and Value Types
Anonymous Types
Boxing and Unboxing
Classes and Structs
Dynamic Type
Primitive Datatypes
Resources and COM
Platform Invoke (P/Invoke)
Unmanaged Resources


40 minutes.

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C# 5.0 Assessment Test