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Benefits Administration (U.S.) Test

Our Benefits Administration (U.S.) test measures your knowledge and understanding of an organization's employee benefits programs. Designed for entry level to mid level human resources professionals, this test covers the following topics: Design Features, Government and Social Insurance, Legal Compliance, Medical and Dental Plan Administration, Welfare Plan Administration, Life Insurance, Cafeteria Plans, Retirement and Savings Plan Administration, Employee Communications, and Benefit Plan Trends.

Scope of the online Benefits Administration (U.S.) Test

Benefit Plan Trends
New Employee Benefit Programs
Workforce Globalization
Cafeteria Plans
Cost Control Features
Design Issues
Employee Communication
Automated Administration
Legal Requirements
Types & Purpose
Executive Benefits Administration
Retirement & Savings Plans
Government and Social Insurance
Social Security & Medicare Objectives
Unemployment Compensation
Workers' Compensation
Legal Compliance
ERISA Requirements
Nondiscrimination Requirements
Qualified Plan Limits
Life Insurance
Group Universal Life
Plan Types
Medical & Dental Plan Design
Cost Containment Techniques
HMO Plan design
Medical Plan Design
PPO & POS Concepts
Prescription Drug Plans
Other Welfare Plans
Disability Plans
Employee Assistance Programs
Flexible Spending Accounts
Long-term Care
Paid Time Off Plans
Retirement & Savings Plan Admin
Daily Valuation
Death Benefit Options
Eligibility & Enrollment
Investment Options
Loans & Withdrawals
Payout Options
Retiree Administration
Tax Considerations
Retirement & Savings Plan Design
Cash Balance Plans
Defined Benefit Concepts
Defined Contribution Concepts
Employer Objectives
Profit Sharing Plans
Welfare Plan Administration
COBRA Requirements
Typical Plan Features


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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